"Where I create, there I am true." - Rainer Maria Rilke


Creating art allows the invisible to become visible in a playful, yet profound manner. The process of art making can be very cathartic and soothing in its own right; in this format however, we additionally make space for reflection and discussion of the stories and metaphors that surface in the art works and see how these relate to daily experiences. 

Art Therapy can help to: 
- understand subconscious motives behind one´s current life experiences.  
- find and implement new pathways.  
- support and deepen the experience of other forms of therapy.  
- overcome creative blocks or performance anxiety.  
- learn to self-soothe, improve self esteem and practise coping skills.  
- record, process and integrate difficult life experiences.  
- witness, share and connect to others from a place of authenticity.

I currently practise art therapy in my private practice in Potsdam and at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin, in small groups and one-on one sessions. Click here to book an appointment or free trial session with me!